Akim of Zhambyl region B.M. Saparbayev during his working trip to Kordai district visited the “Research Institute of Biological Biosafety Problems” which is located in the urban-type settlement of Gvardeysky.

The visit of the Akim of the region began with familiarization with the construction of the production laboratory of biopharmaceutical plant “OtarBioPharm” in uts. Gvardeysky and held a staff meeting.

Then Akim of Zhambyl region B.M. Saparbayev held a meeting of the headquarters at the “OtarBioPharm” plant.

The meeting was attended by the Director General of the “Research Institute of Biological Safety Problems” K. Zakarya, advisor to the akim of the region Zh. Bairkhanov, Deputy Head of the Construction Department of the region Zh. Shaldarov and other officials of the region, district and institutes.

Akim of the region stressed the need for high-quality implementation and timely completion of construction. In this regard, specific instructions were given to the contractor.

At a meeting of the headquarters of biopharmaceutical plant, Akim of Zhambyl region B.M. Saparbayev instructed those responsible to resolve issues related to the supply of necessary imported components and equipment in the near future.

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