Yesterday the Deputy Chairman of the Spiritual Directorate of Muslims of Kazakhstan – Supreme Mufti, naib mufti, PhD, theologian Ershat Ongarov presented the Kazakh anti-coronavirus vaccine “QazVac” with the Certificate of Halal Damu LLP (registration number 000669, the company’s products – ST 96090-5-2021 LLP are certified according to general Halal requirements for the production, storage, transportation and sale of medicines and dietary supplements, signed by the director of Halal Damu LLP Atashev A.A.).

Earlier, in order to certify the QazVac vaccine according to the QMDB Halal standard, representatives of the SAMK: naib mufti Ershat Agybayuly; director of “Halal Damu” Aibek Askarbekuly; Bauyrzhan Abduali, a specialist of the Sharia and Fatwa Department, and a technologist, a medical specialist, Aizat Sataeva, visited the Institute, thoroughly familiarized themselves with the technological process of production of the QazVac vaccine in the conditions of the OtarBioPharm biopharmaceutical plant.


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