Laboratory for Phytosanitary Safety

Head of the laboratory Maulenbai Akerke Dauletkyzy, Master of Technical Sciences. Phytopathology and plant protection specialist. To improve her professional skills, she underwent an internship at the Regional Research Center for Grain Rust (Izmir, Turkey) and the Aachen University of Applied Sciences (Aachen, Germany). She has 15 scientific publications, including 3 articles in foreign journals indexed in the Web of science and Scopus databases.Hirsch index (h-index) on Web of Science and Scopus – 2. Courses on biosafety, biosecurity and phytosanitary safety under the GerKazNet projectwithin the framework of the German Biosafety Program.

The main direction of the laboratory of phytosanitary safety is research of the resistance of crops to fungal diseases and study of the structure of the population of biotrophic and hemibiotrophic plant pathogens. Also, the laboratory works on the preservation and annual replenishment of the gene pool of grain crops and the collection of phytopathogenic fungi.



Main tasks:

  • Determination of resistance of varietal samples of crops to common and harmful fungal diseases in Kazakhstan.
  • Study of the racial composition of the population of biotrophic and hemibiotrophic fungi-causative agents of plant diseases.
  • Preservation and replenishment of the gene pool of grain crops of RIBSP.
  • Maintenance in a viable state of the collection of phytopathogenic fungi of grain crops.
  • Conducting registration tests of pesticides (harsh chemicals).

Main achievements:

  • Study of the composition of the population of pathogens of rust of grain crops on the territory of Kazakhstan and neighboring countries;
  • Detection of resistant varieties of grain crops to types of rust, septoriosis, pyrenophorosis, reticulated spotting, dark brown spot and powdery mildew;
  • Creation of the gene pool of grain crops of RIBSP;
  • A collection of pathogens of stem rust – Puccinia graminis, yellow rust – P.striiformis, leaf rust – P.triticiana and spike septoriosis – Septoria nodorum Berk, leaf septoriosis – S.tritici Desm.
  • Provision of seeds of resistant varieties of grain crops and infectious material of rust pathogens of breeding institutions of the republic; 

Main publications:

-Maulenbay, A.; Zakarya, K.; Moldazhanova, R.; Rsaliyev, A. Characterization of Tan Spot Races in Kazakhstan. Agriculture 202212, 1564.(Impact factor 3.408).

-Zatybekov, A.; Genievskaya, Y.; Rsaliyev, A.; Maulenbay, A.; Yskakova, G.; Savin, T.; Turuspekov, Y.; Abugalieva, S. Identification of Quantitative Trait Loci for Leaf Rust and Stem Rust Seedling –Resistance in Bread Wheat Using a Genome-Wide Association Study. Plants 202211, 74.(Impact factor 4.658).

-Rsaliyev A.; Yskakova G.; Maulenbay A.; Zakarya K.; Rsaliyev S. Virulence and race structure of Puccinia graminis f. sp.tritici in Kazakhstan Plant Protection Science 2020, 56, 275–284.(Impact factor 1.414).


  • Determination of the disease resistance of grain crop varieties on an artificial infectious background of rust species.
  • Providing inoculum of wheat stem, leaf and yellow rust.
  • Conducting registration tests of plant protection products.
  • Training in basic phytopathological methods.