Laboratory for Technologies of Cultivation of Microorganisms

Head of the laboratory Bulatov Yerbol Akenovich, Candidate of Biological Sciences, Professor.  Author of 141 scientific papers, 49 of them in republican journals, 30 abstracts in international conferences and 7 in international peer-reviewed foreign journals. In addition, he is the author of 23 national patents, co-author of 30 sets of regulatory and technical documentation for diagnostic and preventive drugs and author of 2 monographs. The h-index for Web of Science and Scopus is 3.0. He was awarded Honorary diplomas of the Committee of Science of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan (2013), Head of Zhambyl region (2013), Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan (2016), for fruitful work in the fields of education, health, social protection, as well as in order to encourage citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan who distinguished themselves in the fight against the pandemic, he was awarded the medal “Halyk algysy” (2021), as well as for a great contribution to the development of the country’s higher education system, for services in training young qualified specialists, conscious education, high-quality education was awarded with a “Certificate of Honor” from the public association “Kazakhstan Professional Union of Education and Science Workers”.

Bulatov E.A. is a specialist in the field of cell culture, viruses and bacteria, as well as technologies for the manufacture of preventive drugs. He served as a scientific supervisor, responsible executor, executor of many scientific and technical programs (STP) and projects.

Main tasks:

— study of biological properties of microorganisms to obtain diagnostic and preventive means;

—development of new and improvement of existing technologies for cultivation of microorganisms;

—selection and production of new, relevant vaccine strains and development of technologies for the manufacture of preventive drugs based on them;

—conducting research on the adaptation of viruses to cell cultures;

—development of a method for culturing viruses in cultures of transplanted cells grown on micro-carriers;

—provision of scientific departments of the Institute with conditioned viral material for scientific research;

—development and production of vaccine preparations by state order.

Main achievements:

— regulations for large-scale cultivation of cell cultures and virus have been developed;

— 30 sets of scientific and technical documentation for diagnostic and preventive drugs have been developed;

— received 23 patents for strains and methods of preparation of vaccine preparations;

— a suspension method has been developed for the cultivation of cell cultures and viruses of small cattle plague, sheep catarrhal fever, rabies virus;

— developed and implemented a method of suspension cultivation on micro-carriers of small ruminant plague viruses and sheep catarrhal fever and rabies virus;

— parameters of influenza A/H5N1 virus cultivation have been developed for the manufacture of avian influenza vaccine and recombinant strain against mycobacterium tuberculosis for healthcare;

— vaccines against sheep pox, contagious ecthyma of sheep and goats and plague of small ruminants are produced annually by state order.

Main publications:

— Zh. Amanova, K. Zhugunissov, K. Barakbayev, Zh. Kondybaeva, Zh. Sametova, Ye. Shayakhmetov, D. Kaissenov, K. Dzhekebekov, A. Zhunushov, Ye Abduraimov, K. Zakarya, Ye. Bulatov. Duration of Protective Immunity in Sheep Vaccinated with a Combined Vaccine against Peste des Petits Ruminants and Sheep Pox // Vaccines (2021), 9, 912. 1-18.

 — K. Zhugunissov, S. Kilibayev, M. Mambetaliyev, K. Zakarya, M. Kassenov, Ye. Abduraimov, Ye. Bulatov, M. Azanbekova, Zh. Absatova, K. Abeuov, R. Nurgaziev, G.J.Renukaradhya, K. Tabynov. Development and Evaluation of a Live Attenuated Egg-Based Camelpox Vaccine // Front. Vet. Sci., 16 August 2021. 2–12. 2021.721023.

— K. Zhugunissov, Ye. Bulatov, M. Orynbayev, L. Kutumbetov, Ye. Abduraimov, Ye. Shayakhmetov, D. Taranov, Zh Amanova, M. Mambetaliyev, B. Khairullin, K. Zakarya, E. Tuppurainen. Goatpox virus (G20-LKV) vaccine strain elicits a protective response in cattle against lumpy skin disease at challenge with lumpy skin disease virulent field strain in a comparative study // Veterinary Microbiology. 245 (2020) 108695 1-8.

— Y. Bulatov, K. Zhugunissov, D. Taranov, Z. Amanova, Z. Sametova, Z. Koshemetov, V.Strochkov, Y. Abduraimov, B. Yespembetov, S. Hagius, P. Elzer, G. Risatti, N.Sandybayev. Monitoring for Bluetongue virus serotypes and Brucella species in Southern Kazakhstan // Biological Threat Reduction 2018 Biothreat Conference Abstract Review February 12-14, 2018 Baltimore, Maryland.

— Ye. Bulatov, K. Zhugunissov, D. Taranov, Zh. Amanova, Zh. Koshemetov, G. Nakhanova, G.R. Risatti, N. Sandybayev. Prevalence of Bluetongue Virus among goats, sheep, and cattle in the southern regions of Kazakhstan // 99th Conference of Research Workers in Animal Diseases At: Chicago Marriott, Downtown Magnificent Mile Chicago, Illinois. — 2018.

— K. Zhugunissov, Ye. Bulatov, D. Taranov, Z. Yershebulov, Zh. Koshemetov, A. Zhunushov, G.J. Renukaradhyae, K. Tabynov, Ye. Abduraimov. Beta-propiolactone inactivated bivalent bluetongue virus vaccine containing Montanide ISA-71VG adjuvant induces long-term immune response in sheep against serotypes 4 and 16 even after 3 years of controlled vaccine storage // Veterinary Microbiology 226. – 2018. – 23-30. 2018.10.003.

— K. Zhugunissov, Ye. Bulatov, D. Taranov, Z. Yershebulov, Zh. Koshemetov, Ye. Abduraimov, Zh. Kondibayeva, A. Samoltyrova, Zh. Amanova, B. Khairullin, A. Sansyzbay. Protective immune response of oral rabies vaccine in stray dogs, corsacs and steppe wolves after a single immunization // Arch Virol. – 2017. — 162:3363-3370.

— K. Zhugunissov, Z. Yershebulov, K. Barakbayev, Ye. Bulatov, D. Taranov, Zh. Amanova, Y. Abduraimov. Duration of protective immunity after a single vaccination with a live attenuated bivalent bluetongue vaccine // Veterinary Research Communications. – 2015. – 39:203-210.

Provision of services:

Every year, vaccines against sheep pox, contagious ecthyma of sheep and goats and plague of small ruminants are produced by the state order of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Work phone: +7(72636)7-22-28, ext. 132