The Minister of Health of Kazakhstan Alexey Tsoy told that why he is going to be vaccinated with the Kazakh coronavirus vaccine, – reports the correspondent.


According to him, the QazCovid-in vaccine is undergoing the third phase of clinical trials, within which three thousand volunteers have already been vaccinated.


“We are developing a QazCovid-in vaccine in Kazakhstan; its technology is slightly different. This is an inactivated vaccine. All stages of preclinical and clinical studies are under special control. Now the final third phase of clinical trials is underway, three thousand volunteers have already been vaccinated.


The vaccine shows a good effect. As the Minister of Health, I wanted to support the Kazakh vaccine, and when it comes out I will be among the first to get vaccinated with this vaccine. Of course, when it will be officially approved for vaccination in Kazakhstan,” – said Tsoy.

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