Scientists-developers of the domestic vaccine against coronavirus “QazCovid-in” held a meeting with the teams of all Nazarbayev Intellectual schools of the country, shared the results of their research and told about the development of Kazakh science, the press service of NIS reports.

The main speakers were employees of the Research Institute of Biological Safety Problems: Chief Scientific Secretary Khairulla Abeuov, Head of the Laboratory of Cellular Biotechnology Aziz Nakhanov and Acting Chief Researcher of the Laboratory of Molecular Biology and Genetic Engineering Olga Chervyakova.

Kulyash Shamshidinova, Chairman of the Board of AEO “Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools”, congratulated the team on the introduction of the first batch of the domestic vaccine into production and wished success in scientific activities:

One of the main tasks of Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools is to translate the knowledge gained by children into ideas and apply them in practice. Today, our students have more than 100 different patents. Most of them are research projects and inventions from the field of biotechnology. Children have a special interest in science. I am sure that today’s meeting will be useful for young intellectuals.

Then the speakers introduced the audience to the work of the research institute, which is now known for unique discoveries in the fields of biosafety, biotechnology, microbiology and immunology. The center is successfully engaged in the production of drugs against the most dangerous viral diseases. Virologists have developed and implemented more than 60 vaccines and test systems, and are the authors of biological safety tools and methods. During the meeting, the scientists talked about the process of manufacturing antiviral drugs and the stages of clinical trials.

The speakers noted the importance of mass vaccination and the creation of collective immunity in the fight against the epidemic.

– Today the state pays special attention to science. Scientific and technical programs and projects are being implemented. The pandemic has shown the demand for virologists in the world. Virology is a very interesting field with its secrets. You should be interested in the specialty you choose, be able to set goals and objectives for yourself. The expression “if I don’t do it, then who will do it” should become a principle of life. The future of the country is in the hands of educated youth,” Khairulla Abeuov is sure.

The first batch of the Kazakh vaccine produced at the Research Institute of Biological Safety Problems has already been shipped. The creation of the QazCovid-in vaccine allowed our country to enter the top five countries that have developed their own vaccines against coronavirus infection.

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