Preparation of a domestic test system for the diagnosis of lumpy skin disease of cattle is an urgent task and arises from the need for early diagnosis of the disease.

Rapid and precise diagnosis using the PCR method, as well as the rapid implementation of control measures are very important for the timely prophylaxis and prevention of the spread of lumpy skin disease of cattle in the country.

Despite the urgency of the problem, currently in the Republic there are practically no domestic and commercial kits for the diagnosis of lumpy skin disease virus based on PCR. As a result, this development can be a platform for creating high-performance systems.

Diagnosis of lumpy skin disease with a highly sensitive and specific test system based on PCR allows  to accurately and very quickly (5-6 hours) detect DNA of the virus of lumpy skin disease from pathological material. In this case, a simultaneous study of a large number of samples is possible.

The test system is effective for use in laboratory and research institutions involved in the diagnosis of cattle lumpy skin disease virus.

The main advantages of the PCR test system are high specificity, high sensitivity, and the speed of obtaining the results of the study using PCR. This test system for price and quality is not inferior to foreign counterparts.

Project manager Sultankulova K.T. and responsible executors of the project Shorayeva K.A., Almezhanova M.D. conducted tests of the test system on the basis of the RSE “National Veterinary Reference Center of the Committee for Veterinary Control and Supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Nur-Sultan, and received a registration certificate.

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