According to the network schedule of the Kordai district branch of the «AMANAT» party, under the leadership of the General Director of the Research Institute for Biological Safety Problems and a member of the Republican Political buro Zakarya Kunsulu Daltonovna, with the participation of the deputy of the Kordai district maslikhat Burashev Yerbol Dosanovich and the chairman of the «Gvardeysk»  primary party organization Nurabayev Sergazy Shuratbayevich, a meeting was held with the staff of the institute to get acquainted and explain the purpose, as well as the meaning of the referendum, which will be held on June 5, 2022.

During the meeting, the participants were explained the main goals of the referendum and amendments to the constitution, where the directions of constitutional reforms will be changed, with the transition from super-presidential administration to the presidential republic model, as well as the redistribution of some powers, changing the role and status of parliament, expanding public participation and strengthening mechanisms protecting the rights of citizens!

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