04-06 May 2021 General Director of the RSE “Institute of Genetics and Physiology” Dzhansugurova L.B., Director General of the RSE “Institute of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry M.A. Aitkhozhin” Sharipov K.O., General Director of the RSE “Institute of Biology and Biotechnology of Plants” Zhambakin K.Zh., General Director of the RSE “National Center of Biotechnology” Ramankulov E.M., Rector of the Kazakh National University named after S.Zh. Asfendiyarov Nurgozhin T.S., head of the laboratory of the RSE “National Center of Biotechnology” Shulgau Z.T. and the chief researcher of the RSE “National Scientific Center of Especially Dangerous Infections named after M. Aikimbayev Dmitrovsky A.M., according to the execution of the order of the Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan Aimagambetov A.K. No. 780/16-7 dated May 04, 2021, visited the SRIBSP.

The purpose of this visit is to provide practical assistance in certifying the production site at the plant under construction in accordance with the international GMP standard.

Also, during the visit to the SRIBSP, scientists got acquainted with the issues of the production of the domestic QazCovid-in vaccine against coronavirus infection.

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