05/14/2020 Akim of the Zhambyl region Saparbayev Berdibek Mashbekovich, accompanied by the deputy Akim of the Zhambyl region, the Akim of the Kordai region and representatives of the Akimat’s and mass media’s office of the Zhambyl region and Kordai district paid a working visit to “Research Institute for Biological Safety Problems” of SC MES RK (RIBSP SC MES RK).

RIBSP SC MES RK Director General Zakarya K.D. acquainted the guests with the history of development, activities and achievements of the Institute, as well as clearly demonstrated biological products produced by the Institute. During the conversation, questions were raised on improving the performance of the Institute: problems of the production of biological products, the construction of a biopharmaceutical plant for the production of immunobiological preparations (vaccines).

Then, Akim of the Zhambyl region B.M. Saparbayev, the administration of the Institute conducted a study tour in the scientific and industrial restricted zone of the Institute, with a brief information on the activities, areas of research and the achievements of scientific laboratories.

Also, the delegation visited the site where the construction of a biopharmaceutical plant is planned. Akim of the Zhambyl region B.M. Saparbayev issued a number commissions on the construction of the plant.

Further, Akim of the Zhambyl region Saparbayev Berdibek Mashbekovich met with the staff of the Institute. In his speech, he drew attention to the fact that the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Kassym-Zhomart Kemelevich Tokayev, earlier, on March 25, 2020, when visiting the scientific center, praised the work of biologists, noting the importance of own developments to enhance the competencies of Kazakhstani science and that the state should pay more attention to the activities of biological laboratories. The head of state said that given the need to ensure the biological safety of Kazakhstan and the ability of COVID-19 to adapt to various climatic conditions, scientists need to begin work on creating a domestic vaccine against coronavirus.

In continuation of Akim of Zhambyl region B. Saparbayev said that we all should strongly support the instructions of the Head of State, it is necessary to pay the greatest attention to issues on ensuring the biological safety of the country and create all the necessary conditions for conducting scientific and production activities in accordance with the requirements of international GMP standards.

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