NUR-SULTAN, Feb 27 — Sputnik. The first Kazakh vaccine QazCovid-In is preparing to see the world — the release of the first batch is scheduled for April 2021. It is still being tested — the third phase, and after a month and a half, domestic scientists are ready to produce the first 50 thousand doses of the drug. Read all about the pride of Kazakh biologists in the material of Sputnik Kazakhstan.

The primary task of Kazakhstan’s biologists is to provide their fellow citizens with an anticovid vaccine. Currently, a production site for the production of vaccines is being created on the territory of the institute.

“There are plans to export the vaccine in the future, but this is only after the domestic market is fully secured,” – said one of the vaccine developers, Deputy Director General of the Research Institute of Biological Safety Problems Yergali Abduraimov in an interview with Sputnik Kazakhstan.

How Kazakhstan’s vaccine was created

The name of the vaccine QazCovid-In stands for “Kazakhstan, covid, inactivated”. It was invented by the Director General of the Research Institute of Biological Safety Problems Kunsulu Zakarya. Preclinical trials of the Kazakh vaccine began in May 2020 — two months after the first cases of coronavirus were detected in the republic.

In September 2020, specialists entered the stage of clinical trials. Now the vaccine has received temporary registration of the Ministry of Health of Kazakhstan. Permanent registration for QazCovid-In will be issued after the completion of clinical trials.

The World Health Organization has awarded Kazakhstan’s development the status of a candidate vaccine. The WHO website contains information that it is undergoing the third phase of clinical trials.

The “killed” virus

Kazakh scientists have made their choice in favor of an inactivated vaccine for a reason. It is based on the 2019-nCoV virus, “killed” by a chemical reagent.

Vaccination of the population against coronavirus in Kazakhstan


Everyone who wanted will be vaccinated against coronavirus in the North Kazakhstan region

Such vaccines, according to the developers have milder reactions without an increase in body temperature. However, some subjects note a slight burning and tingling at the injection site of the vaccine. But, as a rule, these feelings disappear without a trace during the first days after the injection.

Kazakhstan’s vaccine according to scientists has another important advantage — the ability to store and transport at a temperature of 2-8 degrees. This property of the drug allows you to work with the vaccine in the most remote settlements that do not have powerful freezers for storing vaccines.

The validity period of anticovid protection the scientists has not yet been deduced. The duration of its effect depends on many factors and individually tolerated by each organism, – say scientists.

Contraindications for the use of the vaccine are pregnancy, HIV, hepatitis and other acute diseases, as well as exacerbation of chronic diseases in a potential vaccinated person. The transferred coronavirus and the presence of antibodies in the blood will not be contraindications for vaccination.

Children are not being vaccinated against coronavirus yet. According to the requirements of the World Health Organization for any vaccines, the drug must pass the fourth phase of clinical trials.

Currently, more than 200 coronavirus vaccines are being developed in the world, but none of them have started the fourth stage of research, which means that they cannot be recommended for people under the age of 18.

Testing of the vaccine on volunteers

In the first phase of clinical trials, 44 volunteers aged 18 to 65 years participated, in the second — 200, in the third stage — 3 thousand people.

The volunteers were vaccinated twice with an interval of 21 days. Both injections are identical in composition.

Among the first testers of the vaccine were its developers. The Minister of Education and Science of Kazakhstan, Askhat Aimagambetov, also voluntarily vaccinated by domestic development. In August 2020, he received a vaccination, and in December told reporters that he had no complications and fever after vaccination. The state of health was and remains good, the number of antibodies does not decrease.

When will ministers and deputies begin to be vaccinated against coronavirus in Kazakhstan

At the end of January, the President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev announced his intention to be vaccinated against coronavirus with the Kazakh vaccine. This news “inspired” scientists, – says Ergali Abduraimov. At the same time, the vaccine developers understand all the responsibility assigned to them.

“It is very responsible to us and we understand how serious it is for the whole country. We are very proud that the President expressed a desire to be vaccinated with the Kazakh vaccine. It is an honor, a serious challenge and responsibility for us,” – the scientist shared.

QazCovid-In in world journals and recommendation from WHO

News about the effectiveness of vaccines can be found in international scientific journals. The material about the QazCovid-In vaccine is being prepared for publication in a foreign rating journal, which is recognized by international experts.

Domestic scientists intend to receive approval from WHO after receiving the results of all clinical trials of QazCovid-In, although registration with this organization is advisory in nature.

In pursuit of hype, citizens are being misled –Tokayev is about opponents of vaccination

Kazakh scientists also plan to develop four more coronavirus vaccines (two vectors, a weakened and a subunit vaccine).

“Now people work in two shifts. We are the first country to simultaneously develop five coronavirus vaccines,” the scientist noted.

A wide range of domestic vaccines according to Yergali Abduraimov, will give citizens the right to choose based on their state of health.

After all, vaccination has long proved its effectiveness and has always saved humanity during epidemics. However, the scientist is sure that vaccination should be exclusively voluntary.


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