The Head of State made a number of initiatives aimed at further development of the country in the post-pandemic period, improving the efficiency of health systems, providing quality education, improving regional policy, forming an effective ecosystem in the labor market, political modernization, human rights protection and consolidation of society.

President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev instructed “A national biosafety forecasting system of the country should be created. This measure is provided for in the relevant draft law.” “Many laboratories of sanitary and epidemiological expertise do not meet international standards. Within the framework of the national project “Healthy Nation”, provision should be made for equipping at least 12 laboratories with high-tech equipment. This will increase the level of compliance of our laboratories with international standards to 90%.”

The Head of State highly appreciated the development of the scientists of our Institute of the domestic inactivated vaccine QazVac “. Kazakhstan is one of the few states that have released their own vaccine against coronavirus. We have no doubt about the efficacy and safety of our drug QazVac, which other countries are already showing interest in.”

President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev noted “The issues of drug supply have been resolved, but the domestic pharmaceutical industry needs to be put on its feet. All basic medicines and medical products must be manufactured in Kazakhstan. This is a matter of national security. Starting next year, I expect concrete results in this direction.”

In his address to the People of Kazakhstan, the Head of State supported the most important proposals of the scientific community “The most important priority is the development of science. To solve the accumulated problems in this area, it is necessary to amend the legislation by the end of the year. First of all, it is necessary to ensure a stable and decent salary for leading scientists by including it in the basic financing of science. “At the meeting of the National Council of Public Trust, I instructed to introduce direct financing of research institutes engaged in fundamental science.

The relevant ministry should develop clear and transparent rules for the selection and financing of such scientific organizations.”

“Next. A serious barrier to the development of fundamental science is the limitation of grants for three years. In such a short planning horizon, it is difficult to achieve any significant results. We should consider extending the terms of grant funding for science to five years.”

Also, the Law on Science should provide for the Institution of appeal of the decisions of the NSC “The problem of the objectivity of the decisions of National Scientific Councils does not go off the agenda. I think there is a need to introduce the institution of appeal.”

In general, Kazakhstan’s education and science face a large-scale, urgent task – not just to keep up with new trends, but to be one step ahead, generate trends.

As the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev noted, domestic education and science face an urgent and large-scale task not only to meet the time, but to be one step ahead and offer new solutions.

The RIBSP staff warmly received the Message of the Head of State, and in particular the instructions on the need to strengthen the issue of biological biosafety of our country.

We fully support the policy of the Head of State on every point and are ready to contribute to the development and future of our Kazakhstan.

Source: https://www.akorda.kz/ru/poslanie-glavy-gosudarstva-kasym-zhomarta-tokaeva-narodu-kazahstana-183048

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