August 7 is one of the most important significant dates for RIBSP, since exactly 61 years ago, by a resolution of the Central Committee of the CPSU and the Council of Ministers of the USSR of August 7, 1958 and order of the Minister of Agriculture of the USSR V. Matskevich No. 253 of September 18, 1958 on the basis of two laboratories – The Scientific Testing Station of ARIPP and the Scientific Research Veterinary Laboratory of the Ministry of Agriculture of the USSR established the Agricultural Research Institute (ACRI) of the Ministry of Agriculture of the USSR.

Like every special date, the meeting of the RIBSP employees began with a solemn speech and congratulations of RIBSP Director General Zakarya Kunsulu Daltonovna. Sincere wishes of great scientific achievements and family happiness were warmly received by the whole team!


Also made their congratulations the heads of laboratories Mambetaliyev M.A., Kutumbetov L.B., Koshemetov Zh.K., Yespembetov B.A., chief scientific secretary Abeuov Kh.B., chairman of the Primary Party Organization “NurOtan”  Kassenov M.M. and chairman of the Council of Young Scientists E. Burashev




 In celebration of the Institute’s Day, sporting events were held – football competitions FASTER, HIGHER, STRONGER! It was under this motto that the participants played and proved their primacy.

As a result, the following teams won prizes: the third place was Zhailau, the second place was Bayterek and the first place was Birlik team. There were also nominations among players: “The best forward” – Kassenov O.T., “The best player” – Tulendibaev A.B. and “The Best Defender” – Isimov A. Sincere wishes and positive emotions, this is how one of the most anticipated events of the institute went! Good, luck and great achievements to all!

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