Several countries have become interested in Kazakhstan’s QazCovid-In vaccine. According to the Minister of Health Alexei Tsoi, the countries are waiting for the results of clinical trials,-reports the correspondent of

“Unfortunately, there has traditionally been no vaccine production plant in Kazakhstan. A pandemic has appeared, active work has begun, and the construction of the first vaccine plant, the Kazakhstan one, is now being completed. As for promotion, then, of course, we plan to deal with this issue. In order to promote the vaccine, it is necessary to obtain full-fledged results of clinical trials, because all countries first of all request the parameters of clinical trials, check them for effectiveness and after that they are already determined by applications. There are already a number of countries that have turned to us with interest, but they are all waiting for the results of clinical trials,”- said the minister at a briefing in the CCS.

At the same time, Choi assured that as the domestic vaccine is released, first of all the market of Kazakhstan will be provided.

“Until we satisfy our need, we will not enter foreign markets. After we see that we have covered our need, then we can talk about transferring the vaccine to foreign markets. Of course, we are very much waiting for the results,” – added the head of the department.

According to the minister, the delay in the production of the domestic vaccine is due to the fact that the virus “came” to Kazakhstan in May, while in other countries “the virus strain was detected already in December.”

Currently, the construction work of the biopharmaceutical plant for the production of vaccines is being carried out according to schedule.

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