The ten-day celebrations of Nauryznama reflect a kaleidoscope of cultural and traditional events aimed at updating and giving new meaning to the celebration of Nauryz.

The fifth day of the decade of the celebration of Nauryznama is dedicated to national clothing and is referred to as “Ulttyk kiyim kuni (National clothing’s day)”.

“Ulttyk kiyim kuni” is an opportunity to express your individuality through clothes, to support the unity and cultural diversity of Kazakhstan. On this special day, every citizen of Kazakhstan can feel proud of their culture and national identity, pay tribute to our ancestors and continue their traditions in the modern world.

The staff of the Research Institute for Biological Safety Problems celebrated this wonderful holiday in order to popularize traditional values and national style.

In recent years, national clothes have become a trend among the younger generation of our Institute. Representatives of this generation introduce national jewelry into their everyday wardrobe, as well as chapans or corsets with a national print. The national style has become an integral part of culture, symbolizing the national character and unity of Kazakhstanis.

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