The meeting was opened by the Acting Director General of the Research Institute for Biological Safety Problems, Professor Abdurayimov Ye.O. In the Address, the President noted the need to improve tax policy and consider the possibility and use of corporate income tax on the development of science, infrastructure and direct to significant projects.

The Address also touched upon the need to improve the public procurement system and adopt a new law “On Public Procurement”. The President noted that the priority should be the quality of the purchased goods and services, not the price.

In the Address, the President raised one of the topical issues – the possibility of transferring unspent funds to the next year. This relevant measure will allow scientific organizations to increase the efficiency of the use of budget funds. For the effective implementation of these tasks, the President instructed to adopt a new Budget Code.

Ye.O. Abdurayimov also noted that the Address noted the adoption by the state of a new migration policy to attract highly qualified specialists in the field of science, healthcare, industry and IT specialists. This should increase the contribution of science to the country’s economy.

Professor M.M. Kassenov made a report and noted the main points of the Address. Among them are the introduction of a “luxury tax”, an increase in the minimum wage from 60 thousand to 70 thousand tenge, fixing the retirement age for women until 2028, at 61 years. Separately, he reported on the amnesty to the participants of the January riots. Families of those killed during the January events, who are in a difficult financial situation, will receive material support.

Kassenov also reported that Kassym-Jomart Kemelevich Tokayev proposed to hold presidential elections in the country ahead of schedule in 2022 and parliamentary elections in the first half of 2023, etc.

At the end of the report, the staff of the Institute expressed its opinion and supported the tasks set by the Head of State in the Address.


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