On May 21, 2022, the Head of State K.K. Tokayev signed the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Biological Safety of the Republic of Kazakhstan”.

The basic concept of the law is the early detection, prevention and profilaxis of biological threats. The law proposes to regulate, within the framework of the national security strategy of Kazakhstan, the requirements for the handling of bioagents, to regulate the activities of national and operational collections of microorganisms, to build a coordinated system of state administration in the field of biosafety.

The norms of the document provide for the creation of a unified system for recording and monitoring data on the circulation of pathogenic bioagents, the introduction of a biorisk management system, forecasting bioperformances, and so on.

In addition, among the norms of the document are social protection of employees and support personnel of state organizations engaged in the treatment of pathogenic bioagents, an increase in their salaries, the introduction of a benefit for rehabilitation in the amount of two official salaries, as well as the regulation of scientific and educational activities in the field of biological safety. The priority areas of international cooperation in the field of biosafety in terms of information exchange in emergency situations and mechanisms for issuing permits for handling pathogenic reagents have been clarified.

With great efforts, professional competencies and experience, the staff of the Research Institute for Biological Safety Problems solves serious issues of biological safety in the field of veterinary medicine, phytosanitary and medicine. With tireless work for 64 years, they have made a huge contribution to the development of biological security within the country: they monitor the spread of pathogens, investigate complex cases of diseases, organize biological protection, saving the economic well-being of the country.

Aware of the global nature of the problem and the importance of biological safety, our Institute, in the period when our country is transitioning to a new path of renewal and modernization – “New Kazakhstan”, will fully work in accordance with  the law on biological safety of the Republic of Kazakhstan.



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