On July 31, 2020, the second Kazakhstan vaccine of the RSE “Research Institute for Biological Safety Problems” of the SC MES RK was successfully registered on the website of the World Health Organization (WHO) as a candidate vaccine. This subunit vaccine, developed on the basis of the surface proteins of the virus, is absolutely harmless and safe. (https://www.who.int/publications/m/item/draft-landscape-of-covid-19-candidate-vaccines)

Registration of our vaccines with WHO means that our vaccines are included in the list of vaccine candidates and are approved for preclinical testing in animals.

At this time, RIBSP scientists have already begun preclinical trials of the second vaccine. In case of good results, human clinical trials will be carried out. Then the vaccines must be registered with the Ministry of Health, and only then can the vaccine be used to vaccinate people.

It should be noted that the first inactivated vaccine was registered on the WHO website on May 15 this year. To day, it passed preclinical testing. At present, the inactivated vaccine developed by RIBSP scientists has been sent to the National Center for Expertise of Medicines, and expert work is being carried out on it. After the positive decisions on the examination are received, the package of documents will be sent for approval to the Ministry of Health for clinical trials on humans.

RIBSP has gained high scientific and practical experience in the development and production of various types of vaccines used in medicine. In collaboration with WHO, RIBSP has developed four types of vaccines for health care. There is a modern scientific, technical, technological base and highly qualified personnel, which make it possible to solve problems related to the development, testing and provision of the country with a domestic drug that is not inferior in efficiency to foreign analogues.

Both vaccines were developed in the frame of the implementation of the scientific and technical program “Development of a COVID-19 coronavirus infection vaccine”, RIBSP celebrates the high achievement of its scientists and expresses gratitude to:

– manager of the program, professor Orynbayev M.B., co-manager of the program, Dr. of biol. sc. Zakarya K.D.

– responsible executors of the program: Dr. of vet. sc. Kutumbetov L.B., professor Khairullin B.M.

– project managers: professor Sultankulova K.T., PhD Zhugunissov K.D., Dr. of vet. sc. Abduraimov Ye.O., professor Kassenov M.M., cand. of biol. sc. Chervyakova O.V., s-r res-r Nurpeisova A.S., cand. of vet. sc. Nurabayev S.Sh., cand. of med. sc. Nakhanov A.K., cand. of med. sc. Asanzhanova N.N., PhD Burashev E.D., s-r res-r Rystayeva R.A., Taylakova E.T.

– performers: s-r res-r Kerimbayev A.A., res-r Kopeyev S.K., res-r Shoraeva K.A., res-r Akylbayeva K.K., res-r Dzhekebekov K.K., j-r res-r Abitayev R.T., lab. ass-nt Chukayeva T.S. and many of our other employees.

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