Today, the domestic COVID-19 vaccine QazVac has been officially registered in the Kyrgyz Republic!

The Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Kyrgyz Republic issued a registration certificate (KG.1.11159.08560-2021) on the state registration of the COVID-19 vaccine QazVac.

QazVac is the first Kazakh COVID-19 vaccine approved in a foreign country, recognition of the development of RIBSP scientists, the success of Kazakh science and the entire staff of the Institute, the results of painstaking and hard work in the fight against coronavirus infection. This is a great achievement, pride and invaluable work of the Institute’s employees who are sparing themselves to protect the health of all Kazakhstanis, as well as neighboring republics!

The recognition of the QazVac vaccine once again proves the high level of scientific developments and research of RIBSP, and is an indicator of the high professionalism of scientists and specialists.

The RIBSP team has once again proved that it is capable and can perform complex tasks set by the President and the Government of Kazakhstan.

We congratulate all the scientists and the RIBSP team on their next achievement and wish them to scale new heights in science.

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