Laboratory for Prophylaxis of Infectious Diseases

Laboratory for Prevention of Infectious Diseases

Head of the Laboratory

Nurika Assanzhanova is a candidate of medical sciences. She is the author of 83 scientific papers, including 7 articles in international peer-reviewed scientific journals with a non-zero impact factor according to Thomson Reuters and Scopus, 29 scientific articles in journals recommended by the Committee for Control in the Field of Education and Science of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, 7 inventions. 19 theses of reports were published in the materials of international and republican conferences. Hirsch index (h-index) according to Web of Science and Scopus– 4.0.

To improve professional qualifications, she trained mastering methods for preclinical trials of influenza inactivated vaccine (Research Institute of influenza, St. Petersburg, RF, 2009), at international courses on the production of influenza split vaccine (National Institute for Health and the Environment/WHO, Netherlands, 2012), training on sterility testing of drugs (Merck Life Science, Moscow, 2019). In 2017, she was awarded the diploma “Leader of Science – 2017” by JSC NCSSTE, Clarivate Analytics in Russia and the CIS in the field of agricultural and biological sciences for high indicators of publication activity.

Main tasks:

– development of technology for the manufacture and use of vaccines against dangerous and especially dangerous diseases of animals, birds and humans;

– development of manufacturing technology for new generations of vaccines against brucellosis, coronavirus infection for the health care of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as other zooanthroponic diseases;

– preclinical trials of the safety and immunogenicity of vaccines for the health care and veterinary medicine of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

– production and release of vaccines against dangerous diseases of animals, birds, people.

Main achievements:

The laboratory had developed next preparations for the veterinary service and health care of the republic:

– live vaccines against Newcastle’s disease from La Sota, Bor-74 and H strains;

– live vaccine against infectious laryngotracheitis of birds from the Otar strain;

– live vaccine against infectious bronchitis of chickens from “N-120” strain;

– live vaccines against infectious bursitis of chickens from “Winterfield 2512”, “БГ” strain;

– Inactivated vaccine against avian influenza subtype H5;

– inactivated vaccine against avian influenza subtype H7;

– inactivated bivalent vaccine against avian influenza subtype H5 and H7;

– inactivated vaccine against the pandemic avian influenza virus H5N1 from a recombinant strain, for health care;

– inactivated vaccine against the pandemic avian influenza virus H1N1 from a recombinant strain, for health care;

– trivalent split vaccine against seasonal influenza;

– live vaccine against equine influenza;

– vector vaccine against brucellosis in cattle, small cattle and humans.


Main publications

– K. Tabynov, Zh. Kydyrbayev, Sh. Ryskeldinova, N. Assanzhanova, A. Sansyzbay. Duration of the protective immune response after prime and booster vaccination of yearlings with a live modified cold-adapted viral vaccine against equine influenza // Vaccine. – 2014. – 32. – Р. 2965-2971. (IF 3,5).

– Тabynov K., Kydyrbaev Z., Ryskeldinova S.,Assanzhanova N., Kozhamkulov Y., Inkarbekov D., Sansyzbay A. The safety and immunogenicity of a novel cold-adapted modified-live eguine influenza virus vaccine // Australian veterinary journal. – 2014. – 92(11). – Р. 450-457. (IF1.018).

– Тabynov K., Yespembetov B., Matikhan N., Ryskeldinova S., Zinina N., Kydyrbaev Z., Assanzhanova N., Tabynov K., Renukaradhya G.J., Mukhitdinova G., Sansyzbay A. First evaluation of an influenza viral vector based Brucella abortus vaccine in sheep and goats // Veterinary Microbiology. – 2016. – 197. – Р. 15-20. (IF 2.628).

– Asanzhanova N, Ryskeldinova Sh., Chervyakova O., Khairullin B., Kasenov M., Tabynov K. Comparison of Different Methods of Purification and Concentration in Production of Influenza Vaccine // Bull Exp Biol Med. – 2017. – 164(2). – Р. 229-232. DOI: 10.1007/s10517-017-3964-y

— Mailybayeva A., Yespembetov B., Ryskeldinova S., Zinina N., Sansyzbay A., Renukaradhya G.J., Petrovsky N., Tabynov K. Improved influenza viral vector based Brucella abortus vaccine induces robust B and T-cell responses and protection against Brucella melitensis infection in pregnant sheep and goats // PLoS Оne. – 2017. – №12 (10). – P.0186484. (IF-3.6) Q1,

– Patent No. 32225. Sansyzbay A.R., Khairullin B.M., Tabynov K.K., Kydyrbayev Zh., Assanzhanova N.N., Kasenov M.M. A method for prepraring allantoic cleaved inactivated vaccine against seasonal influenza. Publication date 07/14/2017. (in Russian)

Provision of services:

Preparation of vaccines against avian influenza, Newcastle’s disease, infectious laryngotracheitis of birds, smallpox of birds, equine influenza, cattle brucellosis.

Pre-clinical, clinical and registration trials of influenza vaccines, vaccines against avian infections in the parameters of safety and immunogenicity.


Work phone: +7 (72636) 7-22-28, ext. 133