Laboratory for Monitoring of Infectious Diseases


Head of the laboratory Orynbaev Mukhit Barmakuly, candidate of veterinary sciences, professor, corresponding member of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Scientific interests are related to the study of especially dangerous pathogens, the development of specific means for the prevention and diagnosis of infectious diseases. More than 30 years of experience in research to improve outbreak response and surveillance of especially dangerous diseases. Author of more than 300 scientific papers, including 50 inventions, 4 monographs and 1 textbook, 17 normative and technical documents for the production and control of diagnostic and preventive drugs. Member of the National Scientific Council in the direction of “Science of Life and Health” (since 2020). Winner of the State Scientific Scholarship (2018-19). He was awarded the medal “Khalyk algysy” (2020), the badge “For merits in the development of science of the Republic of Kazakhstan” (2010). Laureate of the Al-Farabi State Prize in Science and Technology (2021). Hirsch index (h-index) according to Web of Science and Scopus – 9.0.

The laboratory is one of the key divisions, which has an experimental base (BSL-2), which allows conducting scientific research at the modern level. The BSL-2 laboratory was built as part of the Biological Threat Reduction Program (BHRP).


Main tasks:

  • research in the field of biotechnology, epizootology and molecular epizootology;
  • epizootic monitoring of especially dangerous diseases;
  • development of modern tools and methods for diagnosing and preventing animal diseases.


Main achievements

– Vaccine against lumpy skin disease from the Neethling-RIBSP strain

– Inactivated vaccine QazCovid-in® (QazVac) for the prevention of coronavirus infection COVID-19

– Vector vaccine QazCovid-CPV based on capripoxvirus for the prevention of coronavirus infection COVID-19

– Vaccine against trichophytosis of cattle

– Cultural virus vaccine from the strain “LD” against canine distemper

– Vaccine against plague, infectious hepatitis and carnivorous parvovirus enteritis

– Treatment and prophylactic serum for plague, infectious hepatitis and carnivorous parvovirus enteritis.


Main publications:

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Provision of services:

  • Diagnosis of especially dangerous diseases of wild and farm animals and birds.
  • Development of recommendations for the improvement of farms from diseases.



Work number: +7(72636)7-22-28, it. 136