Laboratory for Molecular Biology and Gene Engineering

Head of Laboratory SULBANKULOVA KULYAISAN TURLYBAYEVNA is the Candidate of Biological Sciences, Professor. She is the specialist in the field of molecular biology and gene engineering, author of over than 190 scientific papers, including 60 scientific articles in journals recommended by the Committee for the Control of Education and Science of the MES RK, 13 articles in international peer-reviewed scientific journals that have non-zero impact factor, including indexed with Scopus, 34 inventions, 5 monographs and 1 educational guide. More than 40 theses of reports were published in the materials of the international and republican conferences. The Hirsch Index (h-index) on the Web of Science and Scopus – 4.0. She is awarded “Алғыс хат (Letter of Gratirude)” of the Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In 2018, she was awarded the breastplate “Ғылымды дамытуға сіңірген еңбегі үшін (For merits in the development of science)” of the MES RK.

Main tasks:

Bioinformatics. Evolutionary genomics, construction of evolutionary trees, analysis of differential expression data, analysis of sequencing data, microchips.

Molecular diagnostics. Development and implementation of diagnostic PCR test systems in production. Development of methods for the diagnosis of especially dangerous infections of humans, animals and birds using microchip technology.

Immunobiotechnology. Preparation of recombinant antigens of pathogens of human and animals diseases. Preparation of human and animals viral and bacterial infections recombinant antigens of pathogens producing strains.

Molecular virology. Production of recombinant strains of capripoxviruses for the development of vaccines for the prevention of infectious animal diseases

Main achievements:

– Oligonucleotide microchip for the diagnosis of influenza;

– Oligonucleotide microchip for the diagnosis of avian infections – avian influenza virus, Newcastle disease, infectious bursitis of chickens, infectious bronchitis of birds;

– Protein microchip for the detection of antibodies in brucellosis;

– Test system for laboratory diagnosis of influenza A / H5 by the method of polymerase chain reaction;

– Test system for laboratory diagnosis of cattle nodular dermatitis by the method of polymerase chain reaction;

– Recombinant antigens of sheep pox virus, nodular dermatitis virus, FMD virus, Brucella and strains producing these recombinant antigens;

– Recombinant sheep pox viruses expressing foreign genes;

– Recombinant vaccine against sheep pox.


Main publications:

Sultankulova K.T., Chervyakova O.V., Kozhabergenov N.S., Shorayeva K.A., Strochkov V.M., Orynbayev M.B., Sandybayev N.T., Sansyzbay A.R., Vasin A.V. Comparative Evaluation of Effectiveness of IAVchip DNA Microarray in Influenza A Diagnosis // The Scientific World Journal. – 2014. – 11. – Р. 1-11.

Sadikaliyeva S.O., Sultankulova K.T., Shorayeva K.A., Strochkov V.M., Chervyakova O.V., Zaitsev V.L., Tabynov K.K., Sandybayev N.T., Sansyzbay A.R., Egorov A.Y. Genetic stability of the HA, NA, and NS genes of the recombinant vector virus Flu-NS1-124-Omp16 (H5N1) expressing the brucellar gene // VoprVirusol. – 2015. – 60(4):18-23.

Kulyaisan T. Sultankulova, Nurlan S. Kozhabergenov, Vitaliy M. Strochkov, Yerbol D. Burashev, Kamshat A. Shorayeva, Olga V. Chervyakova, Nurkuisa M. Rametov, Nurlan T. Sandybayev, Abylay R. Sansyzbay, Mukhit B. Orynbayev New oligonucleotide microarray for rapid diagnosis of avian viral diseases // Virology Journal. – 2017. – 14:69.

Olga V. Chervyakova, Valentin L. Zaitsev, Bulat K. Iskakov Elmira T. Tailakova, Vitaliy M. Strochkov, Kulyaison T. Sultankulova, Nurlan T. Sandybayev, Culshan E. Stanbekova,  J, Yergali O. Abduraimov, MuratbayMambetaliyev, Abylay R. Sansybay Natalia Y. Kovalskaya, Lev. G. Nemchinov,  Rosemarie Hammond Recombinant Sheep Pox Virus Proteins Elicit Neutralizing Antibodies // Viruses. – 2016. – 8. – 159.

Mukhit Orynbayev, Kulyaisan Sultankulova, Abylay Sansyzbay, Rashida Rystayeva, Kamshat Shorayeva  Biological characterization of Pasteurellamultocida present in the Saiga population  // BMC Microbiology. – 2019. – 19:37. 

Provision of services:

– Preparation of humans and animals viral and bacterial infections pathogens recombinant antigens producing strains;

– Construction of DNA fragments, gene synthesis, assembly of genetically engineered structures;

– Carrying out PCR, DNA sequencing for scientific and clinical diagnostic organizations;

– Training in basic molecular genetic methods.


Work phone: +7 (72636) 7-22-28, ext. 137