Laboratory for Microbiology

Head of Laboratory YESPEMBETOV BOLAT AMANBAYEVICH  is the Candidate of Veterinary Sciences, professor. He is the specialist in the field of  biotechnology, diagnostics of bacterial diseases of animal, vaccine and antimicrobial preparations, bacteriophages for food and pharmaceutical processing industries. Author of more than 140 scientific papers, including 25 scientific articles in journals recommended by the Committee for the Control of Education and Science of the MES RK, 14 articles in international peer-reviewed scientific journals, which according to Thomson8Reuters data have a non-zero impact factor, including those indexed by Scopus, 28 inventions, 2 monographs. More than 20 theses of reports were published in the materials of international and republican conferences.

For fruitful work in the field of education and science, he was awarded honorary diplomas of the Science Committee of the Ministry of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan (2013), the Ministry of Education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan (2017). He was awarded a medal for his contribution to the development of the region (akim of Zhambyl region in 2021).

In 2017, JSC” National Center for State Scientific and Technical Expertise (NCSSTE) “was awarded the diploma” Leader of Science-2017″, the Diploma of Clarivate Analytics for Russia and the CIS. Member of the National Scientific Council for the direction” sustainable development of the agro-industrial complex and safety of agricultural products ” (c 2020).

He trained two masters, currently he is a research supervisor of 1 PhD doctoral student.

The Hirsch index (h-index) according to Web of Science and Scopus is 6.0.

Main tasks:

– Development of veterinary drugs (vaccines);

– Development of sanitizing drugs and bacteriophages for veterinary medicine and food industry;

– Preclinical studies of the efficacy and safety of brucellosis antimicrobial agents and vaccines;

– Epizootological monitoring of especially dangerous diseases of bacterial etiology;

– Preparation of animal bacterial infections pathogens antigens producing strains.

Main achievements:

– a consortium of recombinant strains FLU-NS1-124-L7 / L12-H5N1, FLU-NS1-124-OMP16-H5N1, FLU-NS1-124-L7 / L12-H1N1 and FLU-NS1-124-OMP16-H1N1 of influenza A virus of the ORTOMYXOVIRIDAE family of the INFLUENZAVIRUS genus, expressing Brucella immunodominant proteins, intended for the production of an anti-Brucella vaccine;

– test system for the diagnosis of influenza B with the method of polymerase chain reaction;

– antigen for radial immunodiffusion in the diagnosis of animal brucellosis;

– antigen for a modification agglutination reaction in the diagnosis of canine brucellosis;

– attenuated strains of Pasteurella Multocida bacteria for the preparation of prophylactic and diagnostic products;

-R-antigen for serodiagnosis of brucellosis in cattle;

– R-serum for serodiagnosis of brucellosis in cattle;

– biological agent of polyphages for selective prophylactic disinfection of air and surfaces of medical, veterinary, residential premises, food production and transport.

 – A design technology for manufacturing an inactivated vaccine against epizootic lymphangitis of horses has been developed.

  – A design technology for the manufacture of a biopreparation from strengles horses has been developed. therapy has been developed.

Main publications:

— Yespembetov B., Syrym N.S., Zinina N. “Geospatial distribution of species and biovars of Brucella in Kazakhstan». 68 th Annual Brucellosis Reasearch Conference. – Marriott

 Downtown, Chicago. Illinnois, USA. December 5-6 2015y.

— Еспембетов Б.А., Зинина Н.Н., Сырым Н.С. Заражающая доза вирулентного штамма B. melitensis 16-m для мелкого рогатого скота // Ветеринария.  – 2015. -№ 12. — С.46-49.

— Yespembetov B., Syrymkyzy N., Zinina N. Distribution  of Brucella species in South Kazakhstan // 71 th Annual Brucellosis Research Conference. – Marriott Downtown, Chicago. Illinnois, USA. December 1-2 2018.

— Tabynov K., Yespembetov B., Ryskeldinova S., Zinina N., Kydyrbayev Zh., Kozhamkulov Y., Inkarbekov D., Sansyzbay A. Prime-booster vaccination of cattle with an influenza viral vector Brucella abortus vaccine induces a long-term protective immune response against Brucella abortus infection // Vaccine. — 2016. — 34:438-444. (Impact factor-3.6)

— Tabynov K., Yespembetov B., Sansyzbay A. Novel vector vaccine against Brucella abortus based on influenza A viruses expressing Brucella L7/L12 or Omp16 proteins: Evaluation of protection in pregnant heifers // Vaccine. — 2014. — 32(45):5889-92. (Impact factor-3.6)

— Tabynov K., Kydyrbayev Zh., Ryskeldinova Sh., Yespembetov B., Syrymkyzy N., Akzhunusova I. and Sansyzbay A. Safety of the novel vector vaccine against Brucella abortus based on recombinant influenza viruses expressing Brucella L7/L12 and OMP16 proteins, in cattle // Journal of Vaccines and Immunology. — 2014. — 1:101.

— Tabynov K., Kydyrbayev Zh., Ryskeldinova Sh., Yespembetov B., Zinina N., Assanzhanova N., Kozhamkulov Y., Inkarbekov D., Gotskina T., Sansyzbay A. Novel influenza virus vectors expressing Brucella L7/L12 or Omp16 proteins in cattle induce a strong T-cell immune response, as well as high protectiveness against B. abortus infection // Vaccine. — 2014. — 32(18):2034-41. (Impact factor-3.6)

— Tabynov K., Sansyzbay A., Kydyrbayev Z., Yespembetov B., Ryskeldinova S., Zinina N., Assanzhanova N., Sultankulova K., Sandybayev N., Khairullin B., Kuznetsova I., Ferko B., Egorov A. Influenza viral vectors expressing the Brucella OMP16 or L7/L12 proteins as vaccines against B. abortus infection // Virology Journal. — 2014. – 11. — 69. (Impact factor-2.18)

— Yespembetov B., Syrymkyzy N. Diagnostics of tuberculosis and differentiation of nonspecific tuberculin reactions in animals // Brazilian journal of microbiology/Impact-factor 1,2. http: // 1517-8382/© 2017 Published by Elsevier Editora Ltda.

— Еспембетов Б.А.,  Сырым Н.С. Выбор индикаторных культур микобактерий для проверки литического действия микобактериофагов // Вестник Ульяновской государственной сельскохозяйственной академии. – 2017. — №1(37). — С.77-81.

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— Yespembetov B., Syrym N., SyzdykovM., Kuznetsov A.,Koshemetov Zh. , Mussayeva A. «Impact of geographical factors on the spread of animal brucellosis in the Republic of Kazakhstan». Comparative Immunology, Microbiology and Infectious Diseases.Volume 67, December 2019, 101349.Импактфактор: 1.871 индексация по WoS (Science Citation Index)  Q1.

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Provisin of services:

– Antagonistic activity of strains of lactic acid bacteria in relation to the types of Brucella: Brucellaabortus, Brucellamelithensis, Brucellasuis;

– The accumulation of bacterial biomass for biological products;

– Organization of approbation research.


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