Laboratory for Collection of Microorganisms

Head of Laboratory 

Main tasks:

– deposition, preservation and maintenance of the collection microorganisms strains in biologically active-state;

– replenishment of the collection with new isolates and strains;

– the primary study of the biological properties of newly acquired isolates and strains of microorganisms, certification of archival specimens;

– periodic verification of biological activity and refreshment of matrices of production and control strains necessary for the manufacture and control of vaccine, as well as diagnostic products;

– deposition of strains of pathogens of especially dangerous infections for the purpose of patent procedure;

– providing other divisions of the institute with virus strains and their biomass for scientific research;

– ensuring the safety of strains of especially dangerous pathogens and biological safety when working with them to prevent the accidental removal of dangerous biological agents into the environment.

Main achievements:

– a set of strains of pathogens of viral exotic diseases, as well as especially dangerous infections occurring in animals and birds, both in neighboring states and in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

– software “Accounting System of Pathogenic Materials” designed to record the movement of microorganism strains, both in the collection of microorganisms and in other laboratories of the Institute;

– creation of virological boxes with a level of biological safety class II +, which allows working with microorganisms of I and II pathogenicity groups;

– construction of a special pathogen repository, which has a three-level system for the protection of dangerous pathogens, as well as an autonomous power station;

– in 2004, the collection became part of the World Federation of Culture Collections;

– since 1997, the laboratory staff published more than 90 articles, including 21 in foreign publications, developed 14 NTDs for vaccine preparations, and 59 authorial certificates for invention;

– Laboratory staff participated in the implementation of 14 projects under 9 STP RK, 4 ISTC projects and 3 contracts with DTRA of the US DoD and participated in 4 conferences held in the United States, the Russian Federation and the Kyrgyz Republic.

Main publications:

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Provision of services:

Deposition of strains of microorganisms according to the applications of depositors.


Work phone: +7 (72636) 7-22-28, ext. 129