Laboratory for Cell Biotechnology

Head of the Laboratory NAKHANOV AZIZ KURALBAYEVICH is the Candidate of Biological Sciences. Specialist in the field of cell biotechnology and cytology. The developer of the method of microencapsulation of cells into biocompatible polymers for cell therapy. With his direct participation, work in the new direction of the laboratory began – the production of stem cells and their use for tissue replacement and cell therapy. He is the author of more than 40 scientific papers, 11 of them in foreign editions, 6 copyright certificates and 1 monograph. Awarded the Diploma of the MES RK.

Main tasks:

– replenishment and maintenance of the museum and production bank of cell cultures;

– provision of the institute’s virological laboratories with cell cultures.

– creation of conditions for the development of work using cell cultures at the modern level;

– creation of cell cultures database;

– study of stem cells, their directed differentiation;

– study of cell biology in culture, the creation of new cell lines;

– development of cellular technologies for tissue and cell replacement therapy.

Main achievements:

– bioconstruction “collagen + limbus cultured germ cells” for treatment of eye diseases;

– microencapsulation of cells from stem cells;

– a specialized museum-bank of permanent storage of certificated primary and passaged cell cultures;

– production of beta cells for treatment of patients with the method of transplantation;

– testing of various substances that can be used as drugs, cosmetics, insecticides, preservatives on cell cultures

Main publications:

– Bitov N.T., Nakhanov A.K., Ibraimova N.M., Mamadaliyev S.M., Sharipov I.K., Bolegenova N.K., Djansugurova L.B. Cytogenetic study of hemopoietic stem cells // Agriculture and biology journal of North America. – 2010. – Vol. 1 (2). – P. 124-129.

– Zhapparova G.A., Nakhanov A.K., Sansyzbay A.R. Study of adhesion properties of limbal stem cells on alginate film // Ophthalmological Journal of Kazakhstan. – 2013. – No. 4. – P. 55-59. (in Russian)

– Tursunaliyev S.T., Nakhanov A.K., Kydyrbayev Zh.K., Gotskina N.M., Nogoibayev R.S. Obtaining a cell-free matrix of a sheep’s esophagus for tissue engineering // Bulletin of KazNMU. – 2015. – No. 2. – P. 500-503. (in Russian).

– Zhapparova G.A., Nakhanov A.K., Amanova J.T., Khayrullin B.M. Obtaining high-quality clones of transplantable cell culture of sheep kidney the cultivation of sheeppox virus // Bulletin of the State University. Shakarima. – 2016. – No. 3 (75). – P. 114-117. (in Russian).

– Myrzakhmetova B.Sh., Kutumbetov L.B. The sensitivity of primary cell cultures from kidneys and testicles of lambs and kids to the virus of nodular dermatitis // Studies. Results. – 2018. – No. 4. (in Russian).

– Myrzakhmetova B.Sh., Kutumbetov L.B. The results of forced adaptation of testicle and kidney cells of lambs and kids to continuous growth in vitro // Vestnik KazATU. – 2018. – No. 4. (in Russian).

Provision of services:

– provision of primary and passaged cell cultures;

– provision of nutrient media (Needle-MEM, DMEM, PSP, PSS) and solutions (trypsin, Versen, Hanks);

– training on preparation and long-term storage of primary and passaged cell cultures;

– training on stem cell production;

– training on cytomorphological and karyological characteristics of cell cultures.


Work phone: +7 (72636) 7-22-28, ext. 130