Laboratory for Diagnosis of Infectious Diseases

Head of the laboratory Sergazy Shuratbayevich Nurabayev, PhD-doctor (biology).  Specialist in the field of epizootology, virology, microbiology, serology, biotechnology and organization of production of diagnostic biological products.  Author of 24 patents, copyright certificates for inventions, as well as 80 articles and abstracts. In co-authorship he developed 18 sets of regulatory and technical documentation for laboratory test systems.  

Main tasks:

– Development of new and improvement of existing means of laboratory diagnostics of viral and bacterial diseases of farm animals, birds and fur-bearing animals;

– Development of methods for indicating viruses of dangerous infectious diseases;

– Development, analysis of methods and methods of effective, rapid and modern diagnosis of especially dangerous infectious diseases;

– Study of the mechanisms of development of viral and bacterial infections by methods of virological, microbiological and molecular-biological analyzes;

– Diagnosis of viral and bacterial infections.

Main achievements:

— Test system [kit] for laboratory diagnosis of FMD types A and O

– Test system [kit] for laboratory diagnosis of infectious bovine rhinotracheitis virus;

— Test system [kit] for laboratory diagnostics of sheep catarrhal fever;

— Test system [kit] for laboratory diagnostics of plague of small ruminants;

— Test system [kit] for laboratory diagnostics of carnivorous plague by enzyme immunoassay;

— Test system [kit] for identification of the causative agent of sheep pox by methods of diffusion precipitation reaction (RDP) and complement binding reaction (RSC), valuable reaction polymerase (PCR);

— A set of preparastions for laboratory diognostics of carnivorous plague.

Main publications:

– Matveeva V.M., Koshemetov Zh.K., Khairullin B.M., Nurabaev S.Sh. DEVELOPMENT OF ELISA FOR QUANTITATIVE DETERMINATION OF OVALBUMIN IN SEMI-FINISHED INFLUENZA VACCINES.// Biotechnology. Theory and practice.№4 2011 pp.95-98

-Nurabaev S.Sh., Koshemetov Zh.K., Matveeva V.M., Bogdanova M.I., Sugirbaeva G.D., Nurgaziev R.Z., Nurpeisov A.S. DEVELOPMENT OF ENZYME IMMUNE ASSAY FOR THE DIAGNOSIS OF PEST VIRUS //Kишоварз №1 2012 pp.29-31


– Nurabaev S.Sh., Matveeva V.M., Koshemetov Zh.K., Nurgaziev R.Z. Study of equine influenza virus reproduction the culture of cells transplanted lines.// Science, new technologies and innovations in Kyrgyzstan. №10 2016 pp.55-58

– Nurabaev S.Sh., Strochkov V.M., Koshemetov Zh.K., Nurgaziev R.Z. MOLECULAR METHODS FOR DIAGNOSIS AND VIRUS TYPING EQUINE INFLUENZA. // News of universities of Kyrgyzstan № 1 2017 pp. 33-38

– Nurabaev S.Sh., Volgin E.S., Orazaliev D.M., Ismagambetov B.M., Kondibaeva Zh.B.,

Orazymbetova N.K., Sapargalieva N.S., Zakar’ja K.D., Koshemetov Zh.K. OPTIMIZATION OF THE CONDITIONS OF ELISA FOR THE DIAGNOSIS OF FMD VIRUS TYPE A. // Bulletin of KazNU №1 2019 pp.76-86

– Koshemetov Zh.K., Nurabaev S.Sh., Nakhanova G.Dz., Orazymbetova N K., Umuraliyev B.K., Kondibayeva Zh.B. Abduraimov Y.O., Zakarya K.D. ТHE CAUSE OF THE DISEASE AND THE DEATH OF GOATS IN THE TERRITORY OF THE ZHAMBYL REGION. //TOPICAL ISSUES OF VETERINARY BIOLOGY. №1 2022g pp.15-22.


Diagnostic studies of biomaterials and serums of blood for the detection of antigens and antibodies to the causative agents of sheep smallpox, contagious ecthyma of sheep, plague of small ruminants, foot-and-mouth disease of types A and O, infectious rhinotracheitis of cattle, influenza type A with antigenic formula H1-H7, H13, rabies, brucellosis, pasteurellosis, plague of carnivores, rinderpest, Aujeski disease.

Training in basic methods of laboratory diagnostics of viral and bacterial infections, selection of biomaterials, etc..


Work phone: +7(72636)7-22-28, ext. 128