Mission and Purpose

The mission of the RSE “Research Institute for Biological Safety Problems” Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan can be expressed in the following terms – experience, knowledge, implementation, progress and safety. An important core of the Institute’s activities is the observance of the traditions laid down by previous generations of scientists.

  • Safety. We predict scenarios of potential biological threats, the possibility of the emergence of exotic and transboundary infections which are pathogenic for animals and plants, and we develop diagnostic and prevention tools.
  • Reliability. We always fulfill our obligations and are open to international cooperation.
  • Professionalism. We offer a high level of research and development to solve the problems of virology, biotechnology and biological safety.

The objectives of the Republican State Enterprise “Research Institute for Biological Safety Problems” Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of quality:

– scientific researches in the area of molecular biology and genetic engineering of viruses, bacteria and fungi, aimed at obtaining new scientific knowledge for the development of treatment-and-prophylactic and diagnostic products in the framework of grant financing projects and scientific and technical programs;

– conducting research in the field of scientific, technical and methodological support of the biological safety of the Republic of Kazakhstan on scientific and technical programs;

– development and improvement of technologies for the production of prophylactic, diagnostic and medicinal (therapeutic) drugs and agents against infectious diseases of humans, animals, birds according to scientific and technical programs;

– carrying out production and registration tests, approbation, and also control of batches (batches) of biological products for public health and veterinary medicine;

– research and production activities to meet the needs of health care, veterinary and crop production organizations in biological products (vaccines, diagnostics, serum, nutrient media);

– applied research on the development of new diagnostic and prophylactic drugs for healthcare and veterinary medicine;

– maintenance, replenishment and study of the collection bank of causative agents of original (matrix) and production strains of viruses, bacteria and fungi that cause infectious diseases of humans, animals, birds and plants;

– plant protection and quarantine, fumigation (disinfection) and phytosanitary examination in the field of biological safety under scientific and technical programs and grant projects;

– cooperation with higher education institutions in the field of activity of the enterprise.