Expert commission

Commission on scientific and technical examination of scientific articles, reports, abstracts of reports and applications for patent and inventive activity of RSE RIBSP SC MES RK

Composition of the Commission:

Chairman of the Commission: Kutumbetov L.B. Doctor of Veterinary Sciences, Associate Professor, Head of Laboratory

Members of the Commission:

Koshemetov Zh.K. Doctor of Biological Sciences, Head of Laboratory

Sultankulova K.T. Candidate of Biological Sciences, Professor, Head of Laboratory

Kassenov M.M. Candidate of Veterinary Sciences, Head of Laboratory

Asanzhanova N.N. Candidate of Medical Sciences, Senior Researcher

Rsaliyev A.S. Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, Head of Laboratory

Secretary of the Commission – Abildayeva G.A. Head of the Division of Scientific and Technical Information

The main tasks of the Commission:

– assessment of the quality, scientific value, patentability and commercial potential of the results of  Institute’s intellectual activity, contained in information sources prepared by the Institute’s employees, and determination of the possibility or impossibility of open publication, use of information about such a result;

– prevention of premature (before legal protection) disclosure of the essence of the Institute’s intellectual activity, capable of legal protection and confidential information, prevention of unfair competition in the form of unlawful and unauthorized use of such objects by third parties;

– protection of the rights and legitimate interests of the Institute, its structural divisions and its authors in the field of intellectual property and confidential information containing the results of intellectual activity, the copyright holder of which is the Institute.

Functions of the Commission:

– examination of scientific articles, reports, abstracts and descriptions of inventions, monographs, books prepared for open publication, use, including transmission to information centers, inclusion in databases and other forms of publicly available information;

– identification of information on patentability in the submitted scientific materials that have commercial potential, which in the prescribed manner should receive legal protection;

– in the event that information is revealed in the source of information submitted for examination, the examination is suspended until the necessary measures are taken to openly publish, use, expose the source of information.