Academic Council

The Academic Council is an advisory body of the Republican State Enterprise on the right of economic management “Research Institute for Biological Safety Problems” of the Committee of Science of the Ministry of Healthcare of the Republic of Kazakhstan (RIBSP).

In its activities, the Academic Council is guided by the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated November 15, 2021 “On Science”, industry programs, other regulatory legal acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of science, as well as the Charter and the Regulation of Academic Council.

The main tasks of the Academic Council are:

  • consideration of issues of scientific and (or) scientific and technical, innovative activity of RIBSP, development of proposals for its improvement and making recommendations;
  • assistance in the implementation of priority areas of scientific, scientific and technical and innovative activities of the Institute, as determined by the authorized state body and the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • consideration and assessment of strategic and current plans of the RIBSP;
  • consideration and decision-making on issues of interaction between RIBSP and other scientific organizations, higher educational institutions, and the scientific community for participation in the formation and implementation of a unified state scientific and technical policy;
  • study and development of proposals for improving the organization of scientific and development work;
  • consideration of the development of innovative activities of the organization;
  • participation in the popularization and promotion of the results of scientific and scientific and technical activities, the promotion of their commercialization;
  • assistance in the development of international scientific and scientific and technical cooperation;
  • development of proposals for the effective work of RIBSP and its structural divisions.

In the field of training of scientific personnel and personnel policy, the Academic Council of RIBSP discusses issues related to the training and professional development of scientific personnel, systematically listens to the reports of scientists about their work on the training of scientific personnel, considers and approves the topics of master’s, PhD-doctoral, candidate and doctoral dissertations, conducts discussions of these dissertations before their public defense in the prescribed manner; discusses and makes decisions on issues related to contests for filling vacant positions of scientific workers.

Composition of the Academic Council:              

  1. Abdurayimov Ergali Orynbasarovich, Doctor of veterinary sciences, Рrofessor – chairman;
  2. Koshemetov Zhumagali Kaukarbayevich, Doctor of biological sciences, Рrofessor– secretary;
  3. Kerimbayev Aslan Amangeldiyevich, chairman of TU;
  4. Ismailuli Yerzhan, (as agreed);
  5. Amirkhanova Nurgul Temirzhanovna, Candidate of biological sciences;
  6. Espembetov Bolat Amanbaevich, Candidate of veterinary sciences, Рrofessor;
  7. Barakbayev Kainar Bazarkulovich, Candidate of veterinary sciences, Professor;
  8. Nurabaev Sergazy Shuratbaevich, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD);
  9. Sultankulova Kulyaysan Turlybaevna, Candidate of biological sciences, Рrofessor;
  10. Nakhanov Aziz Kuralbayevich, Candidate of biological sciences;
  11. Zhuginisov Kuandyk Dauletbaevich, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD);
  12. Bulatov Erbol Akenovich, Candidate of biological sciences,Рrofessor;
  13. Asanzhanova Nurika Narynbekovna, Candidate of medical sciences;
  14. Orynbayev Mukhit Barmakuly, Candidate of veterinary sciences, Рrofessor, corresponding member of NAS RK;
  15. Myrzakhmetova Balzhan Shaizadaevna, Candidate of Biological Sciences;
  16. Shorayeva Kamshat Abitkhanovna, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD);
  17. Maulenbai Akerke Dauletovna, Master of Technical Sciences;
  18. Burashev Erbol Dosanovich, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD);
  19. Kydyrbaev Zhaylaubay, Candidate of veterinary sciences, Рrofessor;
  20. Mambetaliyev Muratbay, Candidate of veterinary sciences, Рrofessor;
  21. Kutumbetov Lesbek Bekbolatovich, Doctor of veterinary sciences, Рrofessor;
  22. Chervyakova Olga Viktorovna, Candidate of Biological Sciences, Рrofessor;
  23. Abeuov Khayrulla Blyalovich, Candidate of veterinary sciences, assoc. prof.;
  24. Burabayev Bakyt Kobenovich, Head of the quality department;

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