Council of young scientists

Council of Young Scientists

The Council of Young Scientists (CYS) of the RSE “Research Institute for Biological Safety Problems” (RIBSP) SC MES RK, as a public organization, was created in September 2008 based on a decision of the Academic Council of the Institute.

 The objectives of the Council of Young Scientists:

– assistance to professional growth, the realization of creative potential and the development of innovative activities of young scientists of RIBSP;

– creation of conditions for propaganda of the latest achievements of science and technology;

– enhancing the participation of young scientists of RIBSP in scientific research and combining their efforts to develop relevant scientific problems and solve priority scientific problems of the republic.

 Tasks of the Council of Young Scientists:

– Assisting in the development of skills in research production work, in the growth of knowledge and professional skills;

– Coordination of the interaction of young scientists in solving urgent scientific problems and priority scientific problems;

– Combining the efforts of young scientists to solve relevant scientific problems and priority scientific problems;

– Organization and holding of scientific and practical conferences of young scientists, lectures, reports, seminars, acquainting young scientists with the latest achievements of domestic and foreign science;

– Assistance to young scientists in publishing the results of scientific research, preparing reports and participating in national and international competitions and conferences;

– Implementation of actions aimed at improving living and working conditions and organization of leisure for young scientists at RIBSP.

 Active members of the Council of Young Scientists

Tulendibayev Ali Bakhytzhanovich Chairman of the Council of Young Scientists


Bopi Arailym  Kuralbekkyzy Deputy Chairman


Zhakypbek Aigerim Secretary


Myrzakhmetov Yeldos Turebayevich


Yermekbai Tanat Talaibekvich



Tabys Shalkar Tolegenovich


In total, 65 young scientists of RIBSP are members of the CYS