General Director of the Research Institute for Biological Safety Problems subordinated to the National Holding QazBioPharm, Professor Ye. Abdurayimov noted that the staff of the Institute fully supports the Address of the President of our State Kassym-Jomart Kemelevich Tokayev to the people of Kazakhstan A FAIR STATE. ONE NATION. PROSPEROUS SOCIETY.

At the same time, Professor Ye. Abdurayimov noted that topical issues in various sectors were raised in the President’s Address. Particular attention was paid to the necessary initiatives in the field  of science and medicine, financing, including a revision of the use of corporate tax.  He noted that the President’s initiative will be aimed at the development of science and infrastructure and the financing of projects of great importance for our country.

Ye. Abdurayimov, the head of the Institute, gladly noted that in the Address, the President also touched upon the tax sphere, now taxes from the funds allocated for science will be directed to science.  “This initiative will have a positive impact on the issue of material equipment of scientific organizations today, will undoubtedly become the basis for improving the material and technical base and equipment, the problems of which have not been solved for many years,” he concluded.

He also noted that the President’s initiative that a new system of state procurement system will be created and a new law “On State Procurement” should be adopted by domestic scientists very happily.

Ye. Abdurayimov also expressed full support  for the President’s Address  that within the framework of migration policy, the state should introduce benefits for highly qualified specialists in the field of science, healthcare, industry, IT and issue permits for permanent residence in our country. This will certainly have a positive impact on the economy of our state and will contribute to its development.

He noted that within the framework of the third direction of the President’s Address, a reform will be carried out in the healthcare sector. Domestic scientists working in the field of healthcare adopted the President’s Address with confidence that new initiatives will give a great impetus to the development of our country.

Professor Ye. Abdurayimov noted that the guidelines voiced in the Address will lead the country to a new economic, social development, and also expressed confidence that “the directions in the President’s Address will be implemented by domestic scientists, including the team of the RSE Research institute for biological safety problems”, which is subordinated to the “National Holding  QazBioPharm”

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