On August 19, a forum of women of the member countries of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization was held in Tashkent.

The main goal of the forum is to further develop the interaction of the SCO states to ensure gender equality, empower women, as well as strengthen the interaction of the forum member countries to achieve sustainable development priorities.

The forum was organized by the Government of the country, the SCO Public Diplomacy Center and the State Committee for Family and Women’s Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The forum was attended by heads of state bodies (heads of official delegations) of the SCO member states on gender issues, women deputies, political and public figures, representatives of international civil society institutions, experts, scientists, and the media.

The forum was attended by a Kazakh delegation consisting of representatives of the Parliament, the National Commission on Women’s Affairs and Family and Demographic Policy under the President.

At the opening of the forum, the Chairman of the National Commission on Women’s Affairs and Family and Demographic Policy under the President, Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration Aida Balayeva made a welcoming speech.

In her speech, Balayeva noted that today the successful development of countries in the SCO space largely depends on the creative contribution of women to various spheres of socio-economic and socio-political life of states.

The head of the Kazakh delegation proposed to develop joint actions of governmental, business and scientific circles of the SCO countries on the promotion of women’s rights and opportunities at the sites of partner organizations, such as ASEAN, OECD.

At the end of her speech, Balayeva expressed confidence that the results of the forum will allow the SCO countries to exchange successful experience and best practices in combating violence against women and girls, promoting women’s initiatives and expanding women’s participation in the activities of the organization itself.

Deputy of the National Commission on Women’s Affairs and Family and Demographic Policy under the President, Deputy of the Senate Lyazzat Suleimen made a report “Participation of women in decision-making that play an important role in public and political life” and moderated the session “Gender contribution in overcoming the challenges of the pandemic”.

At the Forum, Kazakhstan science in the field of health was presented by the Director General of the RSE “Research Institute for Biological Safety Problems”, the developer of the Kazakhstan QazVac vaccine Kunsulu Zakarya.


She told the participants of the international platform about the experience of Kazakhstan in the development of the QazVac vaccine and the priority areas of scientific activity in this area.

Following the results of the Forum, declarations were adopted, which will become the basis for the preparation of new projects and programs to apply innovative approaches of the SCO member states in the field of supporting women, protecting their rights and interests.


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